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What is VPS Server and Why do you need a VPS Hosting?

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Many of use are still puzzled about VPS Server and what is it that makes them better than a shared server? Back in the day, I didn’t know what is VPS and why people are getting it. I just know that they are expensive and I don’t need it, that’s why I never bother to read and learn it.

The thing is, if you own a website that got a lot of traffic and your current hosting provider can’t handle that much traffic. You have no choice but to upgrade your current plan. In case you own a not-so-busy website, a shared hosting will do for now.

Today, we will dissect what is a VPS Server and who do we need a VPS Hosting? We will also do some examples to better understand what is the true post of VPS Server.


What is VPS Server?

VPS Stands for Virtual Private Server, what is so virtual and private about it you say? Well, a VPS is about running multiple virtual server from one physical server.

Why Private? What does it mean?

Each VPS gets a portion of resources from a physical one. These are guaranteed to be available and ready to use for a particular VPS. Example, a vps server have 8GB ram and 512MB of that could be guaranteed to your VPS. That means regardless of what other VPS owner in the same server use, that amount of RAM is only available and you are the only one using it.

Another thing, each VPS runs completely independent from one another. Each of them has its own filesystem, other VPS can’t snoop your data. Each VPS hsa it’s own server load too, you can run a Operating System and you can also reboot it individually and so on like your normal PC. Basically, you can treat this as dedicated server.

Are VPS safe? What happens if other users started to cause trouble?

vps-server2Normally yes, they are safe. However there are limitations on various occasions, for example a host server has a 100MB uplink, and that VPS gets a 100MB DDoS attach. Other VPS that are under that server will be affected by the attack. This is up to the provider to ensure the security and safety of their VPS server. They do monitor this and treat it properly.

Why is VPS Hosting different than Shared and Dedicated

With Dedicated servers, you actually rent the entire physical server. This is for top guys who have a very high traffic to their website. They need up-to-par servers to better serve their need. Not everyone needs a dedicated server, if you are just starting out and your website doesn’t have that loads of traffic, you can save some money by using a shared hosting.

Shared hosting is when you are sharing a portion of the server with other users, think of it as an apartment block one apartment block is an entire Dedicated Server, each home (house) is a shared hosting.

VSP Servers is similar to VMware or  Virtual Box, these programs allow you to run several virtual operating system on one machine.


Benefits of VPS Hosting?

VPS Servers gives you the affordability of shared hosting at the same time the power of a dedicated server.

Privacy – You don’t share files / programs / OS to anyone else but to yourself. There are no other websites that could potentially access your data files.

Customization – You own the Operating System, meaning you have your own instances on all server applications, like apache, PHP, MySQL and so on. If ever you need to customize this services, you can make the changes that suits your needs.

Control – After you installed a software that requires a reboot, you can do that anytime. Technically, your VPS Servers are being shared with others, but you can reboot it without affecting others VPS’s.

Resources – You have a dedicated amounts of RAM that you can use anytime. Unlike shared hosting, there is no one else on your server that uses your RAM but you.

Is VPS Server easy to Manage?

All VPS Servers comes with a cPanel VPS Optimized, some are free others require additional payment. This means that you can easily upload files, manage domains and secure your server. You can also perform different task to protect and keep it running smoothly.

Did I forgot Something?

If you think I missed something, let me know in the comment and I will address it. Feel free to add your tips, concern or questions regarding VPS server.

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